About Us

Our Story

Every idea is borne out of a problem that needs to be solved. For us, it was the inadequacy of the existing waste management practices to address several challenges. They were not efficient in the long term, involved high maintenance costs and did not address pressing issues like foul odour and the use of toxic chemicals. This led us to do deep research on how to overcome these problems in a fully natural and environment-friendly manner.

Envonix Hydrotech was founded in 2008 with one single vision to be the planet-friendly waste management expert capable of handling all kinds of biodegradable waste for our clients. In the last 14 years, our revolutionary products and expertise have transformed the biodegradable waste management landscape in Kerala and several other cities.

T.A Rahman
/Director Envonix

Our Vision

To create a cleaner greener world with fresh air, clean water, and uncontaminated soil for our generations to come.

Our Mission

To provide 100% eco-friendly, highly effective solutions to address all your biodegradable and industrial waste management needs and challenges.


We care about you, and we care about the kind of environment that we are leaving behind for our future generations.

One-stop Solution to handle your end-to-end waste management system

We have a fully functional system that can handle all your biodegradable waste requirements.Our solutions are fully equipped to handle any kind of waste. Be it liquid waste, sewage, effluents, solid waste or even dumping yards, we have an end-to-end solution that works effectively without any negative impact on the environment.

Growing range of bestselling products

Each of our products is borne out of extensive research. Over the last 6 years, we have developed and launched a series of powerful eco-friendly products which act upon different kinds of biodegradable waste. Our product range has bestsellers ranging from enzyme-based solutions to microbial cultures. So, whatever be your waste management system, you can rest assured that we have a product just for you!

Fully Customized and Done-for-you Solutions

We don’t offer any of our clients an off-the shelf standard solution. We first understand the waste management challenge in detail and then recommend or design a customized solution which is specific to their needs.

Make existing system more efficient

Our bio-waste treatment solutions are fully compatible with all existing waste management systems like ASP, MBBR, SBR and MBR for sewage and all kinds of composting systems for solid waste. We also possess the expertise to revive several types of defunct STPs and make existing plants run more efficiently. So, whatever be your existing waste management system, we can make it function more efficiently.

Significant saving in Cost

Our nature-powered solutions are guaranteed to reduce your waste management costs and increase your operating efficiency manifold. We design highly efficient waste management systems and we also revive and rejuvenate underperforming systems, so that you can save on equipment, maintenance and external agent cost.

100% planet-friendly with zero toxic residues

Mother Nature has been giving us everything we need to survive on this planet - fresh air, soil, water. But over the past few decades, rapidly growing waste volumes and extensive use of chemicals have adversely affected the ability of Mother Nature to heal herself. We, at Envonix, understand the importance of taking action now, so that we and our future generations will have a cleaner and greener environment.

All our products and solutions are completely eco-friendly and natural. They act upon the biodegradable waste without leaving any toxic residues whatsoever. By hastening its decomposition through natural enzymes and microbes, we give it back to Mother Nature and support the Nitrogen cycle that sustains life itself.

Our Journey


Vision Charts

Inception of the thought followed by countless brainstorming sessions, ideation meets and vision charts.


Team was formed

Team was formed, and the Research and Development wing was constituted. Started operations with our first industrial water treatment solution. Signed up our first client.


First water treatment

Developed commercial small scale water treatment solutions and added to product range.


ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification received. Brand building process initiated. Started research on a powerful solution for both solid and liquid biodegradable waste.


Completed the research

Completed the research and development of our products. First trial run outside the lab successfully completed.



ISO, WHO, RoHS and UKCB certifications received.


Launched in market

Envorein was commercially launched in the market. Proven highly effective and received high praise and commendation from clients.


Specialized products

The next range of specialized products – Envofresco, EnvoAqua and Envomicrobz developed and launched in the market. Received the prestigious LEED certification.

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