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As your planet-friendly waste management partners, we provide a powerful and end-to-end
solution for you to manage biodegradable and industrial waste in each of the following domains.



Liquid waste often contains fats, oils, grease, dirt, sludge, and gases. When discharged directly into a water body, it makes the water highly contaminated and unusable in any form due to high toxicity levels, pH imbalance, threat of harmful bacteria and high COD and BOD levels. It also causes foul odour to spread in surrounding areas.

Our Solution

At Envonix, we pride ourselves on our capability to provide complete end-to-end solutions for treating all kinds of liquid waste. Our process is what sets us apart from the others. Whatever the form or intensity of your liquid waste, we first assess it in depth, understand your space and financial constraints and then recommend a solution that solves your problem completely without hurting your premises or your budget.

We can set up a fully functional treatment plan from scratch, and we can also revive your existing but dysfunctional plant. Our solutions neutralize the contamination and make the water reusable. Upon application, it arrests foul odour instantly and brings the pH, COD and BOD levels within desired limits. The solution can also be used directly to treat contamination in any kind of water body like lakes, ponds, wells, canals, and public drainage.



Solid waste is a source of terrible problems like intolerable stink, emission of greenhouse gases, toxic leachate and menace of flies and harmful bacteria for the people residing in the area. Most of the existing waste disposal systems are unable to address these issues.

Our Solution

Our experts assess the per day solid waste collection at the site and set up a composting system that is capable of handling that volume. Be it a household site, industrial site or a dumping yard, this process is followed diligently to install a customized waste processing and composting system.

The composting system is driven by our eco-friendly products which have an instant impact on solid bio waste. Foul odour gets eliminated within minutes and the decomposition process is hastened from 90 days to a mere 30 days. The quality of compost formed is also of the highest quality.



All types of sewage treatment plants - be it ASP, MBBR, SBR or MBR - deal with a number of challenges. The biggest challenge is improper and inefficient treatment of the sewage. This leads to filters getting choked very often, greenhouse gas emission, bad odour in the surroundings and thick sludge formation. Thick sludge formation that necessitates frequent maintenance, membranes and filters that need to be replaced often and constant use of blowers. All this increases the cost of operation by a significant amount on a regular basis.

Our Solution

For new STPs, we first evaluate the affluent characteristics, waste generation volumes and the space available at client premises. Based on these, we plan, design, and implement a fully functional treatment plant supplemented with our nature-friendly solutions to ensure high efficiency and safe output water that can be discharged safely or used for irrigation without any concerns. For defunct or improperly functioning STPs, we assess the problems in detail and then design an effective solution which is a precise combination of our various eco-friendly products.

With our solution, we ensure reduced sludge formation and the odour-less bio-sludge gets easily degraded with soil. The treated water can be safely used for gardening or released into the ecosystem. It also eliminates the need for any of the other harmful chemicals and is extremely simple and easy to use. It. Due to 65% shorter treatment time, the STP can be operated above and beyond the design capacity if needed.



Effluent treatment plants treat industrial wastewater for its reuse or safe disposal. Their biggest challenge is to manage the chemical contamination in the effluent which is a mix of toxic and non-toxic elements. This effluent often does not get treated properly due to which the output cannot be discharged safely into the ecosystem.

Our Solution

Due to the presence of these different types of chemicals in the water, we first do an initial effluent test, and then based on the report, we work out the most effective treatment solution. We can set up a fully functional effluent treatment plant, and we can also revive an existing but defunct plant that is not performing effectively. Based on the characteristics and intensity of the effluents, the accurate treatment process and dosage are recommended by our team of experts. This ensures fast effective action on the effluents, makes the output water safe to be discharged and eliminates foul odour too.



Processing the waste and treating it right where it is produced is still a big challenge in most places due to lack of space and know-how to do it. This includes waste collected outside fruit/ vegetable/ meat/ fish markets and bio waste generated by large human establishments like colonies, resorts, apartments, and government buildings. The biggest challenge from this waste is continuous foul odour and unpleasant surroundings.

Our Solution

We provide a fully customized end-to-end system to manage solid and liquid bio-waste right where it is produced. We have a completely eco-friendly solution that can be designed and installed at your premises to manage all forms of biodegradable waste. Whether it is residential premises, or a hotel/restaurant or business premise, we will set up a fully functional and independent solution to process your solid and liquid waste.

Elimination of Dumping Yards


Dumping yards are a serious global problem because they cause all-round contamination of the ecosystem. Dumping yards produce leachate that contaminates the soil, and ground water. They produce greenhouse gases that harm the environment. They are also the source of strong foul odour that makes life difficult for the residents in and around the dumping yard.

Our Solution

Our highly successful solid waste management plant design eliminates the need for dumping yards completely in cities, municipalities, small towns and villages. Our experts supervise the entire process of waste assessment and segregation and provide a solution for processing the waste efficiently. This cleans up the groundwater and soil and produces quality compost which can be used in agriculture.



With increasing population density and industrialization, our water bodies and ground water have been the most affected. Due to improperly treated sewage and ill-designed waste management systems, the water supply that reaches our homes is often highly contaminated.

The most common treatment for drinking water involves Chlorine, which has two major drawbacks. Strong odour, residues in the water and change of taste. Despite all kinds of measures, these issues with purifying drinking water still remain.

Our Solution

These problems inspired our team to do deep research and develop a solution that will filter and purify the water coming to our homes. The water is first tested and depending on the analysis, the appropriate solution is designed and implemented. For minor impurities, a simple WTP (filtration) would suffice. But for higher contamination, we might have to opt for RO/ UF/ UV processes to be installed. The solution is decided based on the test report of the water, and it can be tailored for small residences as well as large industrial installations.


If you are facing a problem with managing any form of waste, we have a solution that's
just for you! We offer our world-class services in two forms of engagement.

Waste Management Advisory

When it comes to treating and managing biodegradable and industrial waste, we can address most of your concerns and challenges. If you would like us to design your waste management system from ground level up, connect with us and we can design one fully customized for your waste management requirements.

If your existing waste management system is defunct or not operating at optimal efficiency, we can help you with that too. Give us a call and we would be happy to come over, assess the issues and suggest suitable solutions.

Outsourced Waste Management Solutions

We have a experienced team that can manage your end-to-end waste disposal system for you. Right from assessment and design, to installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, we can handle all your biodegradable and industrial waste management needs under one roof.

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